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Rules of Farmers Express

First and foremost you are a representative of the guild. Anywhere you go, and with anything you say or do.
Just remember that when you're in a random group, in trade chat, or another voice server, online forums, etc..

​Enjoy yourself here, remember all the same rules still apply for all chat; whether it's Guild chat or Voice.
These are offenses that could get your banned from the guild; and we wouldn't want to to that.
Remember; we're here to HELP each other!

  • Be a decent person, you are representing the Guild
  • No talking or discussing:
    • Religions
    • Politics
  • No Give-Aways or Contests with out prior consent of the Guild Master directly
  • No jokes relating:
    • Race
    • Orientation
    • Disabilities
    • Impairments
  • No generally just being a jerk.
    • No one has the right to yell at anyone
    • No beating a dead horse either ...
      • Example: "Hey, here's where ____ dies every time"
  • Voice
    • Users MUST have a headset -or- headphones (less than $10)
    • Users should move to an appropriate channel for the activity they are engaged in
    • We don't want to hear your computer sounds or our voices through your speakers
      • Users may be muted or moved to the "Open Mic" channel if they appear to be away.
    • No open Mic's for anyone, any rank, any reason
      • You must configure Push-To-Talk in our voice clients
        • Exceptions
          • Raid Leader on an active Raid
          • Battleground Leader in a Battleground, or RBG
  • No spamming
    • ASCII Text
    • Auto Gratzers
    • Posting DPS/HEAL Meters in RAID or GUILD chat unless ASKED
    • Absolutely NO Auto/Super Guild Invite Add-Ons!!!
  • Adult Language
    • We are open to anyone 13+
    • ALL Channels are PG-13 until 9:00 pm SERVER
    • Prior to 9:00 pm - This is restricted to the "Rated R" Room
    • It is not our responsibility to check ID's at the door... We don't sell liquor.
  • If someone is asking for help in the Guild Chat TEXT Channel:
    • PLEASE make an effort to respond to them
    • If you cannot help at the moment, make an effort to say you're engaged in an activity.
    • If the answer is complicated, or requires a group, you may want to conference in a voice channel.
  • If you're asking for help in the Guild Chat TEXT Channel:
    • Assume your question or plea was seen
    • If you do NOT get a response, it's good to look WHERE people are. They may be in a Raid, Battleground, AFK
    • If you cannot rouse any answers in text, please move to VOICE
      • We are very accustomed to using voice communications,
        and if are engaged in an Event or Activity may NOT see Guild Chat In-Game


Repeated violations of these simple rules may result in GM action. Depending on the severity, it may even be an immediate ban. Just be kind, and treat everyone how you would like to be treated yourself. We are here to help; but we can't do it all. There needs to be steps in both directions.

If you are being harassed, or there are rumors around. It's best reported using the Guild Complaint Form, so we have a documented case.


Your options if anyone has a complaint:

  • Please use the Guild Complaint form
  • Send in-game mail or IM's to a GM