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All Participants for Instances MUST be in Voice

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Flask Material Requirements
​Food Material Requirements
Loot in Raids / Instances

  • Click on each individual Raid Tab, to see the Videos posted for each raid.
  • Raid Logs are posted on the Website, and in Discord(text channel) #raid-logs
  • Please review your individual performance



We will Raid 2 to 3 times a week.
Typically: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 9:00 PM Server Time [EST]

Schedule for Clearing NORMAL or HEROIC on a NEW RAID:  (0/0)
Tuesday:Raid Progression ( (Ex: First Half )

Wednesday: Raid Progression: (Ex: Second Half or Third Depending on Number of Bosses)
Thursday: Pick up where we stopped and continue Progression: (Ex: Second Half or Final Level Bosses)


  • MAX Level for Raiding current content
  • Meet minimum Item Level for content.
  • Everyone must be connected to our Voice Server (Even if it's a guest raider)
  • In Voice you must use Push-To-Talk mode (Unless you're the Raid Leader or Chosen Main Assistant)
  • Everyone in Voice must be using headphones, or a headset. (Walmart: $10 or less)
  • If you start the raid, you finish the raid. - FEW exceptions exist for this.
  • Required Add-On: "Deadly Boss Mods"
  • Be 10 to 15 minutes early and in the proper chat channel.
  • Bring your Flasks, Food, and Bonus Roll Tokens
  • Don't Expect a PORTAL. - However, IF we have available we will use it.



  Our raiders are expected to maintain a reasonable raid attendance but we understand that sometimes things come up and stuff happens.
However, we ask that if you would like to raid; please stay for the entire scheduled raid time unless prior arrangements have been approved.


  We're all adults, and as such we like to joke around about a wide variety of topics while we raid.
As such, we are looking for members who are not easily offended by crude humor, but know when it's time to get serious.
Please be responsible while drinking alcoholic beverages, and the like; we of course can not have a member who is outright intoxicated or obviously impaired.

Raid Performance:

  We do expect our raiders to have knowledge of the class you are playing and be up-to-date with new information pertaining to your class.
There are many resources that one can use to improve your play. We ask that in Progression, raid members know the engagement and mechanics.
There are overview videos available for each and every fight in the RAID TAB on the website,

From time to time, the raid as a whole or a specific person may be asked to complete some "homework" to read up and study the mechanics of an engagement.
This will reduce the time needed to explain, in detail a particular fight and it's mechanics; and get us up and running more fights per raid.

It will be important to maintain attendance as we work on mechanics of a boss engagement.
It is highly unlikely that we will down a raid boss on our very first try. "If at first you don't succeed,Try, try, try again" -William Edward Hickson


 We would greatly encourage for raid members to donate the highest stat feasts to the guild bank for raid encounters,
or farm the materials for a cook to make them. We would ask that you bring Flasks, and Runes.

Bottom Line:

  We're looking for stable, active, and competitive players to join our raid group and to have fun.

Quick Reference of Do's and Dont's:

  NO LINKING METERS UNLESS ASKED - We all have damage or healing meters... It's just SPAM when we're trying to Roll on Loot.
  HEADPHONES Must be worn while on voice. You don't have to have a headset, but we don't want background sounds, or reverb from a speaker
  Calling out REZZES or STRATS if you are NOT as Assistant chosen by the Raid Leader, with a warning continued behaviour could win you a Global MUTE
  Show up ON TIME! Unless previously arranged
  No more than 2 Priority Speakers - It can get hard to manage with too many
  Limit your chatter while in a RAID - While we're all here to have FUN, we're also on a schedule

Leaders in Raids and Dungeons

Leaders in Raids and Dungeons have the ultimate say over the instance group.
They will appoint Assistants. The Assistants and the Raid Leader are the ONLY people to call out Strats, B-Rez, Hero, etc...
You COULD be muted if you are speaking out of turn during an encounter. We want to focus on downing the Boss!
If you are DEAD... This is NOT free time to voice chat in the Raid channel. We are nowl focused on a fight with less people.
Also, please don't walk away from your computer as you might be Battle Rezzed. This is a great way to get booted from a Raid.

If you show up late, without good reason you may not have a position. It may have been filled.
If you become disruptive, you may be asked to leave.

If you have any questions about raids, it is important to contact the Raid Leader (who posted) the event, or a GM.


Please MAIL your materials to Nikeh, Deckdruid or Unmovable-Mannoroth:
For guild participation credit on farming and donations.

We keep a detailed list of all the mats mailed to us for the guild bank. If you would like Flasks and Food
Gather and MAIL all your items to Nikeh, Deckdruid or Unmovable for guild participation credit. We can create flasks "on-demand" in
the forming phase of a raid so make sure to bring your materials! If someone shows up who does NOT donate
regularly to the guild bank for making these items, or have the materials, we will SELL you a Flask out of the bank
for a the Current Auction House Price. This price will be noted by NIKEH before setting out to Raid.
The gold collected will be deposited after the Raid to the Guild Bank.

What Flask and Food Do You Need? Check Here.

What it takes to make the items we need for Raids & Mythic+ Keystones

Flask Materials (Rank 2) - Updated 1/1/19


 Flask of  the Vast Horizon (Stamina +73/1hr)

 Flask of the Undertow (Strength +49/1h)
DK's Paladins, Warriors, ...

 Flask of the Currents (Agility +49/1hr)
Druids, Hunters, Rogues, Demon Hunters

 Flask of Endless Fathoms (Intellect +49/1hr)
​Mages, Priests, Warlocks, Healing Monks

Materials Example for 20 Flasks: (Minus Additional Procs)

 Mystical Cauldron

Creates a cauldron that raid members can use to gain the benefit of a flask appropriate to their class and talents.
Cauldron has 30 uses and lasts for 10 min.

Rank 1: Craft the Mystical Cauldron
Rank 2: Craft the  Mystical Cauldron Reduced materials needed
Rank 3: Chance to craft additional cauldrons.

375 Stat Food Materials - Not updated as of 7/25/18


 Sanguinated Feast (Level 3)


 Bountiful Captain's Feast (Level 3)


Currently (if using aution house pricing) is costs an average of
(Assuming we have no mats coming in to the bank)
72,000 Gold to provide a Raid of 20 with 3 Flasks Each
This does not even take in consideration the price of:

  • Stat Foods
  • Vantus Runes
  • Augment Runes
  • Auto-Hammers
  • Enchants & Gems
  • Guild Repairs (Rough Average of $2000 Gold per Raid)

Add all that up and Raid nights can be extremely costly if only 4 or 5 Raiders are contributing on a regular basis.
3 Raids/Wk = 216,000 Gold in JUST Flasks. Plus 6,000 Gold in Repairs. Absolute INSANITY!
We need Raiders to carry their own weight in gathering, and mailing items to MsNikeh-Mannoroth

We have been weighing the cost of getting a Raid completed v.s. Not having someone buffed with Food / Flask / Rune
And this has inspired enforcing original tactics. Come ready, With your items, Be prepared to run the entire Raid time.

This is why we need our Pogression Raid team on their Main Characters.
We can't have PvP DPS'ers come heal a Raid for example. Stick with your main talent.

Note: Player Alts, Undergeared, Wrong Spec, and low DPS may be asked to step out of a Raid at any time.

Raid progress

Farmers Express Warcraftlogs

We are keeping logs of ... well, literally everything.
DPS, ilvl, Rotation, Attendance, Sign-ups, Bow-Outs, % of Time Active in a Raid Encounter, Where you were standing, etc...

Our Raid Leaders are going over these logs, and may decide to coach or bench certain players.
Do NOT take this as an insult. It's for your advantage, and ultimately our team as a whole also.
Feel free to sign up and attach your battle net account to get the most out of this incredible site!

Raid Ratio & Sign-Ups

Typical Progression ratio:

  • 2 Tanks
  • 4 Healers
  • 9 DPS (Balancing Ranged & Melee)

This ratio is variable depending on if we have a 15 or 20 person Raid.

It's very important that you SIGN-UP for Raids, and if you Sign-Up that you come!
We need to have a really solid idea of who is coming, and if we need to re-arrange the group.

Check the posting

It's also important to note, that if we have a FULL RAID at the 2:4:9 Ratio composed of ALL GUILD MEMBERS

we cannot just add 1 DPS, or 1 Healer, or 1 Tank to the Raid last minute without changing the ratio, and finding
4 more people to balance the Raid Ratio. Everyone should be aware that the more participants in a Raid the
more health the Bosses have. Simplistically, we won't have enough DPS or Heals for an encounter.

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