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Guild Information


Farmers Express - A World of Warcraft Guild
Established: October 23, 2015

NOTE: ALL new members (Spectators) will have 30 days from their roster join date to get into voice.
​Failure to do so, will end your trial period, and result in your removal from the guild.

About Us:

Farmers Express

  • Established 2015 
  • Our Guild Name; was derived from how badly we crushed, maimed, and repeatedly farmed the
    Horde in World PvP, and dominated with an undefeated Ashran group against pre-mades.
  • The name also reflects our domination of farming materials for the Guild.

We are a family style guild, who is interested in players who want a community that plays together, and helps anywhere they can. Above all we do NOT treat anyone as a number, we realize that there is a person behind every member's character. We only ask that you be courteous, treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. You are not "Just a number" with us. We engage daily on our own private voice server; and get to know each other while grouping up and kicking butt!


  • Voice REQUIRED: Headsets are preferred

Once you are a Member on the website,
there will be a voice server information link on the home page of this website.

  • If you are using a MICROPHONE ONLY; you must have a set of heaphones or ear buds in use.
  • We would NOT recommend a USB headset, if you're not tech savvy....
    • Preference: Use with a standard: two 3.5mm plug headset.
  • Voice mods will not be used in chat. Use your normal speaking voice.

- If you do NOT have a headset, go buy one for $10 at Wal-Mart. Of course you could spend more, but at least this will get you connected.

There will be absolutely no drama or talking behind anyone's back tolerated. If you have a complaint, please see the person directly you are having the issue with. If you need GM intervention, or would like to log the incident, plese use the Complaint Form. (Side Links in Voice Chat) 

We DO research all new members who join the guild. Yo ucan only have ONE ranking character in the guild, the rest will be Alt's. Onee exception is for Recruits and Spectators, since they have never finished the 3 step process to member. The other exception if for high ranking Officers who need access on other toons. This will be approved by the GM.

Anyone who joins Farmers Express is encouraged to Sign-Up AND Apply on this website.

NOTE: To promote a healthy guild roster we do ask that your characters do not go inactive. It only takes a few minutes to log-in your Alts once a week. Exceptions can be made for those with family, medical, work, or school related issues. Regular purges by the Admin will be made to Spectator accounts at 30 days, Alts at 60 days. All other members are subject to 60 day inactive time period. 

We would rather have a solid group that comes into voice, helps, interacts, all to better the whole. We do not advertise for droves of nameless members who never interact with the guild itself. If you're here, we want it to be because; YOU WANT TO!

If anyone ever has any concerns, please come to us. We're available! Send a mail, IM, Voice conference, etc... 


Overall we want to include everyone, and just have a great time playing a game we all love.