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Farmers Express  A World of Warcraft Guild



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Linked Realms:
Mannoroth, Blood Furnace, Nazjatar
Server Time Zone: Eastern Time (USA & Canada)

Uldir Raid
Heroic Progression Raid Schedule *

Link to: [Raid] Section for Complete Details!

* 21:00 Server Time (Unless Changed) — SIGN UP: In-Game Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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Farmers Express  A World of Warcraft Guild


Voice Server Information

Voice is required for ALL Raids, Keystones, and any Instant Groups that Form.
We do NOT communicate much in-game Guild Chat bacause most all of us are in Voice.
So, if it feels like you're missing half the conversation ... You probably are.

Please DOWNLOAD Discord's Computer Desktop Application
The Web Interface does NOT support Push-to-Talk (Required)


Nickname Policy in Voice Chat:

For Clarity in; Identity, & Communication, Everyone MUST:

Change your Nickname in the Voice Server to reflect your;
Main, World of Warcraft, Guild Character's Name.

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Discord Server Links to Manually Copy Into Chat
Full Link to Copy & Paste:



STAY CONNECTED: If you are a Guild Member. Please Join Our Facebook Group.
Other than voice, this is the best place to find the most up to date information.



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Warcraft Logs

Farmers Express Warcraft Logs Calendar of Raid Logs



Link to <Farmers Express Page>
Uldir   (Current) Progress
Mythic 0 / 8
Heroic 8 / 8
Normal 8 / 8


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